We are Oliver Riera and Emma Finley, the duo behind the lens of Focus Light Creative. Our journey with Visual Art began from the kindling of our individual paths, and sparked fire the first day we met. We are passionate about creative growth in our clients, and in showing them the beauty of their story and their adventures. We thrive on bringing others up with us in life, coming together and building community through visual messages of diversity, positivity, expression and reflection. Every project is a message we believe in and an extension of our joy for life.

Our flavor comes in our similarities as well as our compliments. Oliver's street-smart punk rock combines with Emma’s rock’n’roll hippie flair, to bring out work with a dramatic edge full of creative soul.

Whether it's the story of your adventures, family, or career, we’d love to help you create visual content that inspires and shows the depth of your passion through photography, video, film, or other visual media. We’re here to help you capture your journey in all the big moments, fanning the flames that drive your life forward and creating memories to hold the light and warmth.

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